Venue for hire

The Mana Squash Club venue is available for hire for all types of functions, fund raisers,
birthday parties, anniversaries & engagements parties. With plenty of car parking outside.
Great also for daytime meetings, conferences, seminars & business workshops.

Seating for up to 60 people, then up to 120 can be accommodated for night time functions.

The club provides:

  • A Quality PA system for your dance music, ipad, ipod or an android device can plug in to the PA system, along with a microphone for speeches.
  • Dance floor, great club drink prices, with a large selection of beers and wines &
    non-alcohol drinks.
  • Large projector screen & projector with access for your laptop and or memory drive.
  • Two Large TV’s that are connected together with surround sound, along with access for your laptop and or memory drives.
  • An outside deck and BBQ available.
  • A comfortable large lounge area with leather couches
  • Modern bar & Kitchen facilities.

By clicking submit you are agreeing to the terms and conditions below. So please read in full.

Costs (Including GST) Member Price Non-Member Price
Clubroom and kitchen only – no bar facilities and no BYO drinks $100 Hireage +

$100 Bond

$200 Hireage +

$100 Bond

Clubroom, kitchen and bar open*. Please note:

1- 50 people =1 bar person,

51-120 people = 2 bar persons,

*Plus cost for special licence that will be required. 

$100 Hireage +

$20/hour per bar person +

$200 Bond

$200 Hireage +

$20/hour per bar person +

$300 Bond

Children’s party (clubroom, kitchen – no bar facilities) $50 Hireage +

$50 Bond

$75 Hireage +

$75 Bond


  1. The maximum capacity of the club room is 120 people. It is the hirer’s responsibility to ensure the number of attendees does not exceed this number nor exceed the number stated on this form.
  2. Mana Squash Club shall not be liable for any loss or damage to equipment and property belonging to the hirer.
  3. A member of Mana Squash Club may not make bookings on behalf of a non-member. Non-members will be charged as per the non-member hire rate. To be eligible for the member rate, the member must be a full financial member for the 3 months prior to booking.
  4. No attendee may bring their own drinks (including alcohol) from outside of the club onto the premises without express written consent of the Club President.
  5. The individual making the booking must be on site for the duration of time when attendees are present.
  6. Attendees are not permitted on any of the playing courts unless the courts have been booked by the hirer.
  7. Attendees are not permitted in the sauna.
  8. The club lounge must be put back to the way it is found, ie all seating and tables etc.
  9. All attendees MUST NOT take any alcohol or an drinks outside of the squash club building, if you are caught, your function could be abruptly ended.
  10. All laws (including liquor licence terms and smoking regulations) must be adhered to. The bar is licensed to 12am at which time the bar must be locked. Only approved Mana Squash Club Members are allowed into the bar at any time.
  11. No 21st birthday events are permitted at the club.
  12. The club reserves the right to close any event where any of the attendees fail to meet these terms and conditions.
  13. Mana Squash Club reserves the right to refuse an application for any reason without explanation.
  14. The club room and other facilities must be cleaned to the standard prior to the event. This includes (but not limited to) removing decorations, cleaning spills.
    All furniture MUST BE returned to original positions. This must be completed by 11am the following day. See number 15 below.
  15. Fees and bond are to be paid no later than 10 days before event.
    If not then this will mean your booking has been canceled and the premises can be rehired out.
  16. The bond will be refunded on confirmation that the premises meet the above requirements. In the event that the premises or equipment are damaged or left in an unacceptable state the bond will be forfeited and any additional cost of repair/cleaning will be passed on to the hirer.
  17. If most of the guests are not members of the club and alcohol is to be served, the club needs to apply for a special alcohol licence from Porirua City Council. The cost of this is to be paid by the hirer on top of the fees listed in the above table.
    Cost = $73 (for less than 100 guests) or $217 (for 100-120 guests). 30 days notice is required for application of this special licence.

I have read and agree to the terms and conditions of using the Mana Squash Club room for my event and will ensure attendees are aware of these terms and conditions. I will be contacted by the Club Administrator who will confirm the availability of the venue on the date requested.