Court Booking Rules

Booking a court
To book a court you will require a login and password provided by the Club.

To access the club and activate the court lights requires a key tag which is provided as part of a membership package.

All court sessions are for 45 minutes and games can be played at any time of the day or night.
If you are more than 10 minutes later for your booking your court can be forfeited to anyone else. 

A booking computer is available in the downstairs foyer of the club adjacent to the courts.  Bookings can be made on this computer, you will need to logon with your ISquash user ID and password. 

Peak times

Monday to Friday     
Commences  5:15 pm
Concludes      8:15pm
Periodic activities that require peak time courts to be pre booked include:
Senior Interclub Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 7pm.

  • Tournaments Thursday & Friday from 6:30, plus weekends.
  • Monday and Friday Club Nights.

Court bookings
When court bookings are made on the booking system for a peak time court, both player names are to be entered.  
A court may be booked up to 10 days in advance.

Visitors, including those playing with members, are not to book during these times 5:15pm to 8:15pm.

When a club member plays a visitor. The club member is to select the visitor option to turn the lights on, not to select practice. You will be invoiced the visitors fee via email. Do not pay via the bar, or put money in the safe.

Cancellations (especially during peak times)
If circumstances change resulting in a booked court not being required, it is the responsibility of all listed participants to ensure the court is cancelled.  Please cancel the court as early as you can. So others can use the court and book it.

Block bookings
Block bookings can be made outside of peak times, these will be monitor. But generally there is normal plenty of court time.

The practice facility is for the sole purpose of individuals practicing alone outside of peak times. It may not be used for playing visitors or other club members. Otherwise you may be charged if playing with non members
A parent having a hit with the practice option selected with their child who is a member is perfectly fine but not during peak times.

If you turn up with only one tag for the lights
If a legitimate reason exists for only one tag being available for a two person game (eg opponent has forgotten there key tag), the visitor function is to be used to activate the lights, then an email to be sent to the email address to explain the reason.

Nick Mita is the Mana Squash clubs official coach, No other coaches from any other club are to coach any players at Mana with out the pre-approval of the Mana squash club committee.  

Non Marking shoes must be worn while playing squash. If you mark the floors with marking shoes you more than likely will  be charge a floor cleaning fee. As someone will have to attend to the floor which can take over 2 hours to clean plus make the court unavailable at that time.
So please only non making shoes.
Suitable clothing must also be worn including a shirt.