The Mana Squash Rackets Club has had a proud and active history in the community since it's inception in 1977.
In the beginning (1975) the club founders conceived the idea of a squash club in the Porirua area.Advice was taken, meetings were held, plans were drawn up and we had the beginnings of the club that we enjoy today.
The original club building was constructed in 1977 with two courts. The third court was added in 1980.

The club has had many dedicated people serving in key positions on the Committee over the years. We also celebrate our club champions in the Honour Boards. 
Recorded in the honour boards are names from the past and recent times - from the club's founders in 1977 to present day President and Club Champions.
If there's a name or two you don't recognise, next time you bump into a more established member of the club, ask them about those people. The club has had many characters over the years and the Honour Boards list those who have put in great efforts on the court and in the committee room to make Mana Squash the envy of others in the region.

Mana Squash have a great collection of trophies donated by various businesses and individuals over the lifetime of the club.
Mana Squash have performed consistently in the greater Wellington squash inter-club competitions throughout the years.
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Click here to see full board information on the committee and Club Champion winners over the years.