Details on entering for Ma Hribar shield Challenge?

Mahina Hribar, a life member at Tawa, instigated the shield challenge in 2010 to encourage Wellington clubs to interact with each other throughout the grades.

Sorry to say but Mana lost the Mahina Hribar shield to Thorndon in the month of Ocotber 2017.  It was very close but not to be this time, Watch this space for a challenge in 2018 from Mana.

Defence 2 from Thorndon (May 2016)
THE ‘MA-HRIBAR’ SHIELD – CLUB CHALLENGE Was held on Sunday the 15th of May at Mana. 11 Games were to be played, the games kicked off at 2pm, by the end of the last Game, Mana came away 10-1 victories. They now await the next challenge. 

Defence 1 from Tawa (April 15)

THE ‘MA-HRIBAR’ SHIELD – CLUB CHALLENGE Was held on Sunday the 19th of April at Mana

The challenge was put in by Tawa.
There was some great games and great support from many Mana & Tawa members.
Mana took the challenge 7-5. Great work team
Now Mana awaits the next challenge.